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Buyers today are more informed and have unprecedented access to information and competitive options. As a result, sales professionals need to be more effective at engaging buyers and delivering value throughout the sales process. BeyondTalent works with global sales organizations to identify and develop the critical selling skills, behaviors, and methodologies that lead to success. Below are a few of the areas we can partner with you on to increase win rates, build better client relationships, and add agility to your sales organization.

Consultative Selling

Utilize a client centered sales approach focused on conducting needs-based dialogue and delivering value added solutions. Learn to uncover critical information, deepen relationships, communicate value, handle resistance, and tailor solutions to the needs of the buyer and their organization.

Strategic Sales Planning & Forecasting

Utilizing a robust strategic planning methodology we’ll help your leadership team assess your industry, markets, challenges and opportunities to build actionable strategic business plans that improve forecast accuracy and ensure your team is focused on the right sales activities.

Sales Transformation

Looking to add discipline to your sales process or modernize and improve your sales approach?  We can help you transform your team into a best-in-class sales organization. We’ll work with you to define a custom sales process, assess the teams strengths and gaps, and build a tailored sales curriculum for onboarding and ongoing development using best practices and proven techniques.

Sales Prospecting

Uncover new opportunities and expand existing business relationships using a proven approach to sales prospecting. Your team will learn to secure new appointments, quickly position value, conduct compelling prospecting calls.

Art of Closing

Accelerate complex deals through the pipeline by applying advanced principals of closing to your sales process.  Learn to identify and gain a progressive series of client commitments that will decrease the duration of your sales cycle and increase your win rates.

Pitch Consulting

Want to improve your odds of winning a high stakes opportunity? Our pitch consultants will help you build the pitch strategy, create an impressive deck, and coach the team to deliver a winning presentation.

Insight Led Selling

Build trusted advisor relationships and engage clients in value added conversations through Insight Led Selling. Sales professionals and product experts learn to bring relevant insights and ideas to clients in order to build competitive advantage, shape opportunities, and deepen client

Sales Leadership

We help sales leaders and managers focus on driving the critical activities needed to increase sales and achieve targets. Learn to set individual and team goals, manage the pipeline, run productive sales meetings, as well as coach and inspire your team to unleash sales performance.

Strategic Account Management

Utilize a proactive and strategic approach to managing key client accounts. Using your client data you will learn to assess client needs, identify opportunities, tailor your value proposition, and create a tactical plan to grow the business and increase customer loyalty.

Sales Negotiations

Instead of letting price pressures drive the conversation, utilize sound planning, good tactics and proven skills to negotiate complex deals in a way that adds value and creates win-win relationships.

Pitching to Win

Deliver winning presentations that impress buyers and distinguish your business and solutions from the competition. Learn how to plan and structure a pitch, identify key value drivers, deliver persuasive messages, and utilize verbal & non-verbal skills for greater impact.

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