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Sustainment Strategy

BeyondTalent can help you build knowledge reinforcement and application into your learning initiatives creating a strong sustainment strategy that enables learning to take place on-the-job long after the initial learning event.

Learning doesn’t drive results, only the consistent and proper application of that learning does. Unfortunately, organizations are expending massive effort and resources into creating and delivering training content that is engaging and comprehensive, only to see little to no return on investment when learners fail to apply or retain what they have been taught.

BeyondTalent can help you identify the key competencies to develop, critical behaviors to change, and metrics that define success. We’ll partner with you to build knowledge reinforcement and skills application into your learning initiatives to create a strong sustainment strategy that enables learning to take plance on-the-job long after the initial learning event.  

We strongly believe in starting with the end in mind, defining sustainment and measurement strategies at the beinnering of a learning initiative. 

We can help with one or more of the following:

  • Guided activities to provide opportunities for learning application
  • Virtual sessions and digital modules to reinforce key concepts
  • Group projects to inspire creativity and promote collaborative learning
  • Manager toolkits to help leaders provide support, coaching & feedback
  • Knowledge checks and assessments to measure retention and create accountability
  • Executive coaching for flexible and individualized learning journeys
  • Learning platforms that enhance engagement, collaboration and retention

BeyondTalent Academy 

Elevator9 is a learning platform for organizations to sustain, measure, and increase the value of their instructor led programs.

Create guided learning journeys, reinforce key concepts, guide on-the-job learning, and measure the impact of your learning investments. 

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Qstream was developed at Harvard and is a mobile learning reinforcement platform that is based on science and proven in practice.   Qstream mobile microlearning delivers learning in the way the brain works to:

  • Increase knowledge retention by up to 170%
  • Improve job proficiency 17% on average
  • Achieve a 93% average engagement rate
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