Engage learners and reinforce job-critical knowledge with microlearning that improves workplace performance.

What Qstream Can Do

Microlearning that delivers job-critical content in minutes-a-day in the way the brain learns for long-term knowledge retention – through repetition, spacing and testing

Proficiency heatmaps and engagement analytics expose a real-time view of performance so you can take action where it is needed most.

Setup sales teams for success. Reinforce sales learning to improve sales proficiency, productivity and performance.

How Qstream Works


Identify Learning Topics

What are your business goals? And, what knowledge, skills, and behaviors do you need on your team to meet those goals?  Learning leaders choose Qstream to do one thing – reinforce learning that is critical to boost employee performance so your business can be a success.  Align your Qstream roadmap to your annual learning calendar to reinforce the learning topics that will have the most impact on your business.


Create Job-Specific Content

Once learning goals and topics are established, it’s now time to design your microlearning program. Qstream micro-challenges are designed to build critical thinking skills by delivering and reinforcing content in the way the brain learns.  Our team will guide you through the content development by sharing best practices and training you. We also offer instructional design services if you’d like to outsource the Qstream content process.


Reinforce Learning at Scale

Before launching your first Qstream challenge, be sure to communicate with participants, managers and leadership so they know what’s coming and to encourage engagement. Then, keep them updated during the Qstream by sharing updates on progress, recognizing top performers and highly engaged participants and teams. Plus, encourage managers to take action on coaching actions to help their team out.


Action Qstream Insights

From the Qstream challenge responses, thousands of data points are processed and presented to management via real-time dashboards, proficiency heatmaps, stats, graphs and video scenarios. This information allows managers to analyze and take action where there are knowledge gaps. Proficiency heatmaps also show initial and current proficiency against any reporting parameter to measure training effectiveness and guide future training needs.

How we can help

Sales Training and Coaching Reinforcement
Customer Service and Support Training
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Compliance Reinforcement Training
Talent and Leadership Development
Upskilling and Reskilling
Product Knowledge Retention
Brand and Message Alignment
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