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To thrive in a world of continual disruption and change, organizations need to do more to retain and unleash the talent unique to all of us. We help organizations drive real change by change by transforming the behavior and mindset of teams, individuals, and leaders. 

Understanding Unconcious Bias

Explore current research into unconscious bias and its impact in the workplace. By understanding how it is ‘programmed’ into us by society and our biology, we can gain a better appreciation of how biases affect everyone.

Mitigating Unconscious Bias

This program introduces a model for devising personal mitigation strategies for counteracting unconscious bias. The course will uncover skills and techniques to help mitigate bias so that all stakeholders are respected and valued for their unique differences.

The Inclusive Leader

Through the exploration of six signature traits of inclusive leaders, this session empowers people managers to promote diversity on their teams and engage much more effectively with a wide range of culturally and attitudinally diverse stakeholders.

Creating an Inclusive Culture

Creating a culture that is inclusive is vital. This program will teach leaders how to effectively evaluate and transition their culture to be more inclusive. Participants will learn the strategies needed to build a framework for cultural change in the workplace.

Diversity in Communication

Communication is key to having successful relationships. In this program, participants will understand the foundations of communication and where issues arise within the context of diversity.

Conflict Resolution

This program covers different strategies used to resolve conflicts from a cultural space. Participants will be given tactful ways to address conflict, communicate expectations, and hold others accountable with empathy.

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